The following questions are typically brought up by new candidates interested in South Miami CritiCare when considering the opportunity of joining the SMCC Team:

Q Where is South Miami CritiCare located?
South Miami CritiCare is headquartered in the Coral Gables - South Miami area and we have contracts for Emergency Department services at Baptist Health of South Florida hospitals in Miami.

Q  How long has South Miami CritiCare been operating?
A  South Miami CritiCare, Inc. has been operating since the mid-1990s.

How many people make up the group?
A  We have approximately 100 employees comprised of Physicians, PAs, ARNPs and an administrative staff. Additionally, Physicians are supported by trained Scribes which is provided by the company.

Q  How many hospitals does South Miami CritiCare serve?
A  We are currently serving the following hospitals:  South Miami Hospital and West Kendall Baptist Hospital.

Q  What is South Miami CritiCare’s Mission and Vision?
A  This is South Miami CritiCare’s Mission and Vision Statement. click here

Q  What is South Miami CritiCare’s Philosophy?
A  This is South Miami CritiCare's Philosophy. click here

Q  Can you describe South Miami CritiCare’s schedule flexibility, shift diversity and full-time/part-time status?
Schedule flexibility is a factor of individual needs and the requirements of the EDs served while keeping a balanced working environment. Shifts can range from 8 hours to 10, 12 and even 24 hours dependent on hospital location and employment status. With some variation from hospital to hospital, full-time status requires approximately 130 hours on shift per month or more. Less than that would constitute part-time status. 

Q  What are the employee benefits offered while working for South Miami CritiCare?
A  Full-time status has these benefits - Health, dental, vision, paid vacation, longevity bonus, paid CMEs, paid State and DEA Licenses, and more.


Q  What type of employment is offered with South Miami CritiCare?
A  All providers are hired as W-2 employees, both Full-time and Part-time.  We do not utilize Independent Contractors or have 1099 agreements with our providers.