Billing and Medical Records Questions

  Billing and Medical Records Information

South Miami CritiCare, Inc. 

South Miami CritiCare, Inc. retain the services of Ventra Health for the billing of emergency medical services provided at the Emergency Departments at of South Miami Hospital and West Kendall Baptist Hospital.

The Practice Management Office for South Miami CritiCare, Inc. does not manage or maintain any billing information or any medical records.

All questions regarding patient billing from South Miami CritiCare, Inc. should be directed to Ventra Health at (888) 311-8760.  Their business hours are M-F, 8:00am to 5:00pm.

If your billing was not resolved through the billing agent and is aged, it may have been turned over to the collection agency named “Gulf Coast Information Bureau, Inc.”   All questions regarding collection notices for patient billing from South Miami CritiCare, Inc. should be directed to GCIB at (941) 927-6999.

Requests for Medical Records can be made directly to the Medical Records Department at the hospital that you visited for services.  The hospital maintains and manages all Medical Records for patients seen.

Billing questions regarding other services within Baptist HealthSouth Florida can be addressed by calling 786-596-6507.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  I have a collection account on my Credit Report from GCIB and I do not know what it is for.

A:  If you were seen as a patient at the Emergency Departs of South Miami Hospital or West Kendall Baptist Hospital, the charge is for the services provided in the Emergency Department by one of the SMCC Provider(s) who rendered care during your visit.  If Ventra Health did not receive payment in a timely manner, the account is handed to the GCIB Collection Agency.


Q:  I never received a bill from Ventra Health and now I have a collection reported to my credit.

A:  Ventra Health, South Miami CritiCare, Inc.’s external billing company mails 3 invoices to the mailing address you or your representative provided to the hospital during the registration process at the time of your visit.  If the bill has not been paid by the end of the 3rd attempt or the mail is returned as a bad address by the USPS, Ventra Health will then transfer the account to GCIB to continue the effort to collect a payment.


Q:  How can I pay for my balance?

A:  Payments are accepted via check, money order or credit card (VISA, MasterCard and Discover) through the agency indicated on your bill.  Payments plans may also be available to you.  Contact the billing agency for details.

You may also review your account, update insurance information and make payments online at, by using the account information provided on your billing statement.

For further information please call:  Ventra Health at (888) 311-8760 or GCIB at (941) 927-6999.


Q:  I have insurance but it was never applied to my balance.

A:  Your insurance information may have not been available at the time of your visit.  Please call Ventra Health at (888) 311-8760 or GCIB at (941) 927-6999 to update your information.


Q:  I need a receipt and/or invoice for services received in the Emergency Department on my Date of Service (DOS). How do I request it?

A:  Please have your billing account information and call Ventra Health at (888) 311-8760 to process your request.


Q:  I was injured at work and was seen at the Emergency Department for a Worker Compensation case.  If I receive the bill, how do I change the insurance information?

A:  Your employer should have provided you the insurance information for the Worker Compensation Insurance Policy they carry that will cover your visit to the Emergency Department.  You must present this information upon arrival at registration.  You may have been given a Workers Compensation Insurance card to use.  Check with your employer that you have the correct information.  If your employer does carry Worker Compensation Insurance and the Worker Compensation Insurance information is not given at registration, your insurance company or you may receive the bill.  In that case, you must call Ventra Health at (888) 311-8760 to update and correct your insurance information and provide the Worker Compensation Insurance information.  You should also contact Baptist Health South Florida Billing at 786-596-6507 and update your insurance information with them as well.

Have Billing Questions?

Take these steps:

Make sure you have the following:

1. Have your billing account information
2. Have the Date of Service
3. Have the Patient's Social Security Number

If this is for initial billing, call:

Ventra Health at (888) 311-8760

If this is for a Collection Notice, call:

GCIB at (941) 927-6999

For Online Access to your Billing Account, click:


Have Medical Records Questions?

Take these steps:

If you are requesting Medical Records, contact the Medical Records Department at the same hospital where your service was provided.