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Risk Management Articles

"The Importance of Cognitive Errors in Diagnosis and Strategies to Minimize Them"
Pat Croskerry, MD, PhD, Academic Medicine, Vol 78. No. 8 / August 2003
LINK:  Cognitive Errors-Crosskerry

"Healthcare Needs Pit Crews, Not Cowboys, Says Atul Gawande."
Robert Lowes, Medscape. Oct 13, 2015.
LINK:  Pit Crews, Not Cowboys-Lowes

Risk Management Course Registration Instructions
LINK:  Course Registration Instruction Steps

Risk Management Course Curriculum
LINK:  Emergency Medicine Physician Risk Management Course Cirriculum


Policies and Procedures

Here you will find the links to South Miami CritiCare Policies and Procedures you should be aware of.

If you have any questions on these subjects, please speak with your work site medical Director or contact the Practice Management Office (PMO) at 786.662.5252