Reimbursement Information

As a successful Emergency Services Physician Practice, South Miami CritiCare provides its full-time practitioners with many benefits which include reimbursement for the necessary expenses associated with maintaining your professional standing.  SMCC has established this policy to outline these additional benefits and the procedures to be followed for reimbursement of covered items.

Reimbursement Categories:

  • Florida Medical Licensing Fees
  • DEA Licensing Fees
  • Florida Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Association (NICA) Fees
  • ACLS/PALS/BLS Certification Fees
  • Annual Professional Association Membership Dues for one association - ACEP and SEMPA have been chosen for CEDR Registry Reporting requirements
  • CME Reimbursement
  • Newly Hired Residents:  Board Exam Expense - Written and Oral (first sitting only)

Requirements for Reimbursement:

  • You must be a provider with full-time status - working 130 hours or more per month
  • Submit your requests on a monthly basis - DO NOT stockpile receipts and expenses to make an annual report
  • Prepare your request by collecting receipts that show your expense within the current month
  • Provide a cover sheet if you are submitting multiple items that summarizes and totals all expenses by the category definitions above
  • Create .PDF files for receipt attachments using your Smart Phone and a FREE downloadable app called "Tiny Scanner" found in both the iPhone and Android App Stores
  • Simply taking a picture with your smart phone and attaching it is problematic - file sizes are too big, images are seldom clear and hard to print - use the Tiny Scanner app or something similar

Once you have organized your expense report and verified it is complete and correct, submit your request via email to this address:

  • on the Subject Line, input your Work Center (SMH or WKBH) and your Last Name
    • i.e., "SMH - Edmond Smith" or "WKBH - Alicia Garcia"
  • the Reimbursement Request form and the P&P is available on our website at:

Additional Information:

    • Any penalties or fines for lapsed licensing or certification will not be reimbursed and will remain your responsibility
    • CME allowance is for the training to maintain your professional standing with the following guidelines:
    • Allowances are set at $1,500 for Physicians and $1,000 for AHPs per year
    • CME is a Reimbursement and not a pre-payment request for future training. If special circumstances exist such as travel, discuss with your Medical Director Prior To Registration for authorization.
    • Travel and accommodation expense to attend training to achieve CME credits is reimbursable up to a 1/3 limit of your annual allotment. That is $500 for Physicians and $333 for AHPs.
    • Travel includes airfare, mileage at current IRS rates, lodging and local parking if necessary. The CME reimbursement does not include meals while in training.  If you have special circumstances, discuss them with your site Medical Director for authorization.
    • Certificates achieved and receipts must be submitted with reimbursement requests. The Certificates will be added to your personnel file for a record of training.
    • For newly hired residents only, SMCC wil reimburse for the ABEM written and the ABEM oral exam (first sitting only)

If you have any questions contact the Practice Management Office (PMO) at 786.662.5252 for assistance.

Click Here to view or download the written Policy and Procedure for Reimbursement

Click Here to download the Reimbursement Request form